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Over 10,000 men and women from the Territory of Hawaii served in “the Great War.”

Some served in the Hawaii National Guard. Some served with the Red Cross and some donated whatever money they could spare to help orphans in far away places like Belgium and France.

Some moved to the U.S. Mainland in order to go to Europe to fight on the front lines.

Some never came home.

No matter what the sacrifice or the story, all of these men and women deserve to be remembered. That is why we’ve started this effort to reconnect our present with our past. To remember those who served. To research and to share their stories.

Please browse the last names, sorted alphabetically below, to see if one of your relatives is among those who served.  If you find someone in your family, please tell us his or her story.  Or, if you don’t know their stories, please let us know who you are connected to them, and we’ll stay connected with you through occasional updates and invitations to our semi-annual memorial services at the War Memorial Natatorium built in their honor.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below or contact us directly.

3 comments on “A-Z

  1. My name is LTC Kenrock K. S. Higa (ret USAR), I am a grand nephew of Pvt. John Rupert Rowe who was the first of Hawaii’s son’s killed in combat in WW I. My great grand mother Rebecca was Hawaii’s first Gold Star mother. We had a ceremony for my late grand uncle on memorial day 2002, after 83 years, we finally got him a proper veteran’s head stone. I also, acquired a copy of the book which had an extract of his letter to my great grand mother. I read the delightfull article in the newspaper this past memorial day and wanted to inform your organization that the Rowe ohana continues to hold our patriotic duties highly. I and many members of our family have served and currently serve our country. Lastly, the Rowe ohana will be holding a family reunion later this year. Sharing that information to let your organization know there is one ohana who continues to be a large and vibrant family and we do thank the sacrifices by those brave heroes’s who gave their lives for our freedoms. Aloha:-)

  2. Aloha, Again this will be my second attempt to find information regarding a grand uncle. May this department contact me thru a gmail address? Mahalo for any if any conciderations. I am trying to put together my grand uncles or great grand uncles documents for my personel records and to be shared with the families and others for reconition of our relationship of kin. My uncle was Charles Kalaeloa. His name is posted on the Waikiki War Momorial Stone known as the Natatorium. Any information time of birth, death, wife (widow) children and or address family etc, etc, etc may be very much appriciated. The time we live in today is a very documented and communicated system. I am hoping I will be able to accomplish this task. Your instructions to where I have to go to recieve these documents may also be very much helpful. Thank you again. You may contact (eskclean@gmail.com) Mahalo Nui Leilehualani K. Kane

  3. i saw the name of my grandfather im so thankful that i saw him in your list. we didnt know the story of my grandpa. what i remember is the story of my father that he was a soldier. during the war here in the phil he used to to go with his father. and experienced the difficulties of the war. then his father went to hawaii and he never saw his father anymore. they didnt know what happened to thier father. life at that is very hard and they didnt have have enough education so they did not do anything untill one day aa american visit our place in janiuay iloilo and hes looking for the nearest kin of tomas cabais the eldest son of my granfather. as of now were hanging if who is the right person with whom we can ask for help. hope you can help us. the name of my grandfather is casamiro cabais janiuay.iloio.

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