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Share your story

We are looking for stories about the 10,000+ Men and Women of Hawaii who served in “The Great War.”  If you are a descendant of someone who served in the war, we’d love to hear from you!  Please tell us more about your family member by filling out the form below.


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  1. Aloha Nui Loa, I have been trying to find my family members for some time now. Out side of the War Memorial in Waikiki known as the Natatorium, A relative Charles Kalaeloa has his name on the stone in memory of him and others who was a part ot the WWI and died of result of that battle. My mother of Native Hawaiian Ancestry would tell us that this was the first war that her ancestor’s took part in, went to war with another nation out side of Hawaii Nei for the United States of America and it was a sad moment as she interduced us to the uncle ‘s name on the stone. He was ither her fathers uncle or her fathers brother. She would remain quit for a while allowing us to feel the moment along with an empression of why; sort of look’ on her face of sadness, uncle took part with the Nation of Hawaii Nei. My mother was a very close net person to her people as to whom a geart responsibility fell on her thru her birth right nature, natural way or “Kapu” a Hawaiian saying. Her father’s people were warriors ‘Chiefs’ you would have to kill them she would say, she also said with the same breath thats why the kamehameha’s had to kill the Kalaeloa’s in order to take Hawaii, I guess thats why she would always reflect on our uncles life as a world wide warrior. Her mother was “Hula” generation after generation healers, Kahuna’s, ‘teachers’. She was raised as a “Hula Dancer” dedicated from morning to noon dance, dance, dance learn all the meanings and grow strong, she became a life time member of Annpolis Maryland Paris Island Dietitic Society. She would always quote those words. She entertain the troops of WW2. She would enter a diffrent realum; cloud nine .
    People are people of all walks of life, each one person has a place on the earth , many are raised to serve one way or another may it even be for them selves or for the sake of others. I’ve come to learn that we as a whole are obligated to find or come to know who our creator is and what does he want or ask of us indivisilably and collectively. I as a human being need to find the truth about matters. This uncle may help me to find missing links in our family relations and mend some of the long time unanswered questions about us as people. I hope this note reaches the proper hands for more information about this person Charles Kalaeloa, what his parents names were , what island did he live on an address, brothers and or sisters wife,(widow), children. Other realitives, religon, where does his body lay any documents with information about him. Even a death certificate since he died doing the war time. With our Heavenly Fathers Tender Mercies and Hope for all mankind thru the resurrection hope we will meet those who has fallen asleep in death, when the “Kingdom” comes on “Earth” as it is in “Heaven” and all those in their momorial tombs will hear his voice and come out to a hope of everlasting life. Until then and on this side of the paradise we need to carry on. I find much joy in sharing and finding and learning about my family our relatives. Mahalo Nui Loa until then looking forward in hearing from this department World War 1 in Hawaii. Leilehualani K. Kane gmail (eskclean@gmail.com) Even instructions in where to look for more information besides your web site. Mahalo again.

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