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Edward Canfield Fuller

Edward Canfield Fuller, born September 4, 1893,  was an officer in the United States Marine Corps and the son of Major General Ben Hebard Fuller (Commandant of the United States Marine Corps from 1930 to 1934). Born in Hamilton, Virginia, Fuller was a member of the U.S. Naval Academy class of 1916 and was commissioned […]

Shigehusa Kanda

From Hawaii in the World War by Ralph Kuykendall Shigehusa Kanda of Maui earned the distinction of having been the only Japanese Red Cross worker to reach France from the United States, and in addition was the only foreigner connected as a bona fide worker with the American Red Cross units there. A native-born Japanese, and […]

Bernard H. Kelekolio

In the legislature, Representative B. H. Kelekolio introduced a resolution on February 27, 1917  requesting the Board of Harbor Commissioners move foreign ships seeking refuge in Honolulu Harbor. On March 8, he introduced another resolution asking the Board of Harbor Commissions why the ships could not be moved. Kelekolio was also a part of the […]

The Territory of Hawaii Selective Draft Boards

**THE SELECTIVE DRAFT** I. DISTRICT AND LOCAL EXEMPTION BOARDS District Board Francis J. Green, Chairman, appointed Aug. 16, 1917; resigned Oct., 1917. Dr. James R. Judd, appointed Aug. 16, 1917. Charles R. Hemenway, appointed Aug. 16, 1917. Percy M. Pond, appointed Aug. 16, 1917. Clarence L. Crabbe, Chairman succeeding Balch, appointed Aug. 16, 1917. John […]

Robert Kaaua

Robert Kaaua Private, Army Date and place of death not known at this time Other Information: Listed on the plaque outside the War Memorial Natatorium for giving his life in the Great War.

Officers at Camp Fremont

Officers at Camp Fremont

Henry C. Hodges

Henry C. Hodges

MG Henry C. Hodges MG Henry C. Hodges commanded the 39th Infantry Division, 1918-1919. He also commanded  the Hawaiian Department from March-May of 1919.