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People Who Served on the War Memorial Committee

Editors Note:

One of the greatest pieces of folklore in Hawaii today involves how the people of Hawaii came up for the concept to honor the men and women of Hawaii. One theory by a person who served on the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society at one point, claims the pool theme of the memorial was really a tribute to Duke Kahanamoku. We have found nothing to support this. What we can share with you is the list of people who contributed to the concept, design and building of the memorial. 


  1. Colonel Howard Hathaway
  2. Ned Loomis
  3. W.D. Westervelt
  4. Fred W. Beckley
  5. Princess Kalanianaole
  6. Mrs. Walter Macfarlane
  7. Mrs. A.A. Young
  8. Mrs. J.M. Dowsett
  9. C.R. Hemenway
  10. Senator John H. Wise
  11. J.D. McInerny
  12. Senator M.C. Pacheco introduced bill for the construction of a memorial building

War Memorial Committee

  1. Senator John H. Wise
  2. Mrs. A.A. Young
  3. J.D. McInerny
  4. Mrs. J.M. Dowsett
  5. C.R. Hemenway
  6. Mrs. Walter Macfarlane

Waikiki Memorial Subcommittee

  1. John Guild
  2. Mrs. Walter Macfarlane
  3. Mrs. John Baird
  4. Mrs. A.G.M. Robertson
  5. Alexander Hume Ford



Committee for Development of the Memorial

  1. Lester Marks (chairman)
  2. J.K. Butler
  3. L.S. Cain
  4. A.L.C. Atkinson
  5. A.T. Longley
  6. H.P. O’Sullivan
  7. Norman Watkins
  8. Senator L.M. Judd
  9. J.R. Galt
  10. L.B. Reevers
  11. Alexander May
  12. R.L. Richards
  13. G.H. Angus
  14. Chamber of Commerce: Sherwood Lowrey
  15. Rotary: R.N. Burnham
  16. Ad Club: Milo Vanek
  17. Hawaiian Academy of Art and Design: Gordon Usborne

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